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Le Nouveau Palais Royal

The exquisite Palais Royal work boxes of yesteryear are highly sought after by collectors of today.  The beautiful wooden boxes were fitted with highly crafted tools made from mother of pearl, ivory, gold or silver.  Often a plain silk cushion or in rare instances, a beautiful silk cushion with embroidery, would be placed inside the box to protect the lovely tools.  The tray holding the tools could be lifted out to reveal another space for treasures.  My modern day version consists of a stitched cushion that when lifted out reveals a flat, silk tool holder tray for scissors, thread winders and a ruler.  When the tool holder tray is lifted out, there are stitched pincushions (one on each side) and a pin keep/needle flat.  A lovely silk pouch for the work box completes the set.

Our beautiful work box measures 3”x6”x1 ½” and is made exclusively for Merry out of Tiger maple wood.  Kit includes stitching and finishing materials; Tiger maple custom box; and scissors.  (Optional items will include the thread winders and ruler.)