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Ophelia, Part II


Ophelia, Part II -- "Ophelia's journey II"....

Part II of Ophelia's journey to Williamsburg will incorporate her love of needlework and quilt making along with some very special remembrances for you.

You will make one, two or three quilts for Ophelia; a wonderful wool penny rug and her new sampler in a working frame. In addition to all the wonderful items for Ophelia, you will stitch a lovely commemorative sewing case complete with pin keep and lined with the same beautiful silk as Ophelia's dress. On the back of the sewing case, you will stitch Ophelia's travels. The sewing case is housed in a very special and unusual shaker keepsake box. The box measures 9 ½" x 5" x 2" and is made and personally signed by 85 year old Harland Savage of Frye's Measure Mill. To finish off the box, you will receive a lovely scrimshaw box top made from antique gaming pieces from Merry's collection.