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Ophelia, Part I


Ophelia, Part I -- "Ophelia's journey I"....

Ophelia Grace Whetherspoon was born in England and has had many adventures to America. She has traveled to Boston and all the way up the east coast to Nova Scotia and as far west as California. Now she will journey to Williamsburg.

This beautiful 9" handcrafted wood doll is made by famous English miniature toy maker, Eric Horne. He creates dolls reminiscent of the early wooden penny dolls.

Merry actually went to Eric's home in England to meet him personally and to convince him to make this particular size of doll especially for her. She used an l800's antique doll from her collection for inspiration in designing the clothes for Ophelia. In addition to making Ophelia's beautiful silk dress, slip and pantaloons, you will line her trunk with "wallpaper", stitch her sampler and needle roll, make her dame school book of stitched samples plus make a commemorative piece.