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A Diminutive Sewing Set
"A Diminutive Sewing Set"

A handmade rectangular carrier found in an antique shop inspired Merry's project. This diminutive carrier is 7" x 4" at the base, reproduced in beautiful cherry wood. A silk "mattress" lies at the bottom of the carrier with small silk covered compartments at each end. One compartment houses a stitched pincushion and the other is perfect for a thimble and emery. A petite silk mending bag (3" x 2" at the base and 3" high) and a roll up sampler compliment the set. The mending bag has pockets inside and the bottom is a needle book with pins neatly stored around the base. The roll up sampler, which fits inside the mending bag, is intended to showcase favorite alphabets, motifs and stitches. The set also features a scissors case with 2" scissors. This lovely diminutive set has an antique shaker feel, surely to become a family heirloom.

Kit Materials: 32 count linen, silk threads, all finishing materials, 2" scissors and carrier.