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A Note From Merry

Thank you for visiting my website.  I am traveling and teaching only a few times a year but I am going to continue to teach the online classes with the Shining Needle Society.  I love teaching and sharing my passion for needlework and I am very excited about online teaching.  See ‘Online Classes’ for details of my next online class and how to join the Shining Needle Society.

The Caron Collection asked me to be their “Spotlight Designer” in August 2002 and asked for pictures of some of my work and a biography.  Here is the link:   www.caron-net.com/aug02files/aug02des.html

Since the article was written in 2002, I now have two precious granddaughters, Zara and Raina.  It is so wonderful that they live so close to us.  We babysit Raina two days a week and I was thrilled this summer when Zara asked to stitch like Grandma.  We went to the store and we looked at a couple of kits that were good for her age.  She keeps her stitching in a Muffy Bear tin and each time she comes to visit, we get the stitching out and she does a few stitches.  Such fun!

Hope to see you soon, either in person or online.